Map 7x7

Click the map on the left to go to an in-progress, prototype for you to play with.

It’s free, right now. Later it will have a subscription price of $49 per year.

  1. Allow Silverlight to download.
  2. Click Allow Popup if asked. It might be in the upper right of the top address bar.


  • LEFT mouse button – click and hold to drag
  • Wheel on the mouse – Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, or click the tools in the upper left corner.
  • LINK Rectangles – click to go to more information. In this early version some links are not yet connected.

Check back to watch the progress as the Procedure Map is built and perfected.

Thank you for looking.

123HomeProcess is not finished, and won’t officially launch, until Q1 of 2017.

When everything is ready, it will be the most useful home building tool, ever, for newbies and pros.

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Thank you

Andy Bozeman

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