The Armadillo

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They’re in the news, ….again. They’ve spread across the country using man-made highways. Wherever they go, disease and destruction goes, too. They’re coming for you. Here’s a few words to help you remember to be careful with…

The Armadillo

by Andy Bozeman – © 2015

My travels take me all along your highways and your byways.

‘Til, when I find a place I like, I dig straight down then sideways.

And there I’ll make a special place to rest me from my roam.

“What’s so special?,” you may ask, It’s right beneath your home.


Caverns large I’ll dig below your worldly preparations.

My joy’s to take away the dirt ‘neath footings and foundations,

I might dig left. I might dig right, or deeper still, perhaps.

But rest assured, I won’t stop til I make your home collapse.


You may contrive to capture me, and capture too my progeny,

But it will be too late to stop the havoc I have wrought.

For even though I may be killed, and all my digs may be refilled,

I leave behind a thing of which you’ve prob’ly never thought.


By traveling and wandering, by hithering and yondering,

Without a moment’s pondering, I will leave death, so mean.

As you extend a long-armed reach, my caverns you will surely breach,

You’ll grasp a thing so harsh, you’ll wish that I was never seen.


For you can put back in the earth, packed hard by hand for all you’re worth,

Then finally all that sweat and toil will put your mind at ease.

The conquest makes you rest assured, for you have won. You have endured.

But, glory fleets, one day you’ll find you’ve captured my disease.


From excavating claws I left it deep beneath your floor.

Touching me or earth I dug, transmits my future gore.

Too sick, you’ll soon become a weak and prosperless mis-stepper,

I only need one touch to make you be a homeless leper.

leprous hand

signed : The Armadillo


Thank you,

Andy Bozeman

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