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It’ hard to make a dent in the misconceptions, and misinformation floating around the internet about home construction trends, the state of the economy, and building materials. The sources of the information are just too organized and slick.

“Organizations”, such as private companies, corporations, and member-driven groups are bound by their own charters to make money by manipulating you to buy the things they sell, whether appliances, tools, add-ons, or entire houses. This manipulation is achieved by the clever use of advertisements posing as “just good friends and neighbors chatting and sharing about the miracles you can have in your home.” But that’s not the real problem.

The real problem is the people, the professionals who thoughtlessly disperse whatever is handed down from the higher-ups who rule their niche; and the individuals who blindly repeat, post, and share everything they see, read, or hear, fully trusting that the upstream source is reliable, knowledgeable and truthful.

Here are a few headlines found in recent posts and online news stories :

There Is No Bubble
A number of “studies” have been presented to prove that the economy is healthy, that home prices are stable, and that there’s never been a better time to buy than now. But these studies have been created, managed, and produced by a powerful political administration, by home building and selling organizations, and by some of the largest home construction corporations in the world, the goal being to coerce and convert a financially timid population into becoming buyers.

The TRUTH? The “bubble” of 2008 isn’t through bursting.

The Highway Trust Fund is about to dry up, because in the early 2000’s “it” invested in collateralized mortgage funds and lost billions. If the HTF runs out of money, and highway construction and maintenance stops, over 500,000 jobs will evaporate, overnight.

Major department store chains such as Radio Shack, Sbarro, Sears, K-Mart, Quiznos, Staples, Office Depot, and Barnes & Noble, are all in dire straits due to poor management during the early 2000’s, of investments, personnel, and inventory. They are all in the midst of frantically and severely pruning their empires. Everyone of them is closing hundreds if not thousands of locations across America and around the world. That means thousands of jobs, gone.

Reactions to the home mortgage crisis have created strict new policies in the business of lending and property appraisal. While this is actually a good thing, the shake-down period, as the new rules come into play, is causing confusion, which is in turn causing the misspending of billions of dollars by property developers and home builders, both professional and individual.

New Miracle Materials
Some recent headlines include : Solar Roof Power, Fuel Cells, Foam Insulation, Colors Won’t Fade, Synthetic Stone Better Than Real Rock, Materials That Won’t Rot, and Fake Materials Are Cheaper Than Real Ones.

All of these actually work to a degree. But their hype sounds like they can power your entire house for free, prevent a temperature change of even one degree, last forever, look new for a thousand years, and are so cheap to own you will lose money if you don’t buy them.

Solar power and fuel cells are still very inefficient and have extremely high initial costs. Foam insulation inadvertently conceals leaks, and prevents convenient access to wiring and plumbing.

For non-fading colors, read the fine print. All colors, when exposed to sun, salt, and weather will fade a little bit every season. The sales material for these products will show images of the products after six months of exposure, then make it seem as though that’s the end of the story. Buyers will expect a little fading up to and matching the six month illustration. But in reality, the fading continues forever. In a short period of time the product’s color will be almost completely gone, leaving only the original color of the base material, usually some shade of gray.

You Can Have It All
No……… you can’t. Even people with a lot will never have it all. People who have a little (I’m talking to you) need to learn to manage what they have, instead of spending every dime trying to own every new appliance, tool, add-on, and homebuilding thing that comes along.

Here’s the point :
Businesses worldwide are still relying on a financial and investment system that’s broken. Jobs are still at stake. If you fall for the hype, and pull the trigger too soon to buy a house, then lose your job, all you’ll succeed in doing is shooting yourself with someone else’s bullet, a bullet that someone put in your hand. I could go all day with stuff about the falsehoods and truth of Wall Street, green building, new international codes, carbon footprints, carbon credits, easy money, and creative finance. But, there’s no need. Every topic has the same conclusion: There are no shortcuts.

Be your own adviser. Stop and think. Be aware that you’re a target. Don’t fall for hype no matter how often it gets repeated by people who seem to know better than you, people who act like “just good friends and neighbors chatting and sharing about the miracles you can have in your home.” Most importantly, don’t re-post everything you see. It’s usually not true.

Now that you know this, maybe I’ve made a dent.

Thank you,
Andy Bozeman

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